Dry Shampoo Convert!

Colab Dry Shampoo in New York

I have never been much of a dry shampoo wearer if I am honest, I tend to wash my hair most days (there is seriously no other alternative if you see my scarecrow hair in the morning!), and therefore never really had much need for it, except at festivals and hangover days!

Recently however, I have started going to Soul Cycle classes in my determination to get fit and feel it a waste of time to wash my hair before the class so have been using dry shampoo to at least make my hair semi-presentable! I saw everyone raving about these new Colab Dry Shampoos which the lovely Ruth Crilly has designed. Ruth is one of my favourite bloggers and seriously know her stuff, so I knew this wouldn’t be a let down!

Before I went back to the UK a couple of weeks ago, I placed and order with Feel Unique (see UK Beauty Haul here) as they do not send aerosoles overseas unfortunately, so had it deivered to my mums! There are five different scents in the range, but I opted for New York for obvious reasons! It has a sophisticated fruity smell which is absolutely heavenly, and I find myself using more just for the smell alone, it is in a different league to the likes of Batiste!

It applies clear so there is none of that nasty white residue you can often get (although I know my sister actually likes this when she needs her roots doing, temporary cover up!), so you can spray it liberally without looking like a ghost. It does a great job of making my hair look nice in the morning without the need to wash, whilst adding a lovely bit of texture to it. This product has actually converted me to the whole dry shampoo craze which I now get (although very late to the party on), and I’m sure it will allow me to have those extra few minutes in bed now instead of washing my hair so often!

This full size is only £3.50 and you can also buy travel sizes for £2, with prices like that you really need to try the whole range! Please come to the US soon!

Come and join me! 



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