Holiday Prep

Holiday Prep - Clinique Sparkle Skin, Garnier Summer Body and Origins Reinventing the Heel

Next week I am off on my holidays to Mexico, which I am so so excited about, a week in the sun cannot come soon enough! In preparation for my upcoming trip, I have been preening my winter skin so that it is all ready for the sunshine!

To slough off those dead skin cells and make everything smooth once more, I have been exfoliating with the Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator. I used to use this years ago and forgot how great it was until I used some of my mums when I visited her recently. It has the perfect texture of grit for me, filled with granules to get a really good scrub but not too harsh that it irritates the skin. It is gentle yet very effective and smells gorgeous to boot!

Following this I have been trying to add a touch of color with the Garnier Summer Body Moisturizing Lotion which is my favorite gradual tan. I apply it all over a couple of times a week and my skin is left sun kissed in a very natural way. If you are afraid of fake tan, this is the product for you, I have used this for years now and it keeps my tan topped up all summer long!

Finally, I have been slathering the Origins Reinventing The Heel on my feet religiously every night before I go to bed to keep them soft and supple ready for my first sandal outing of the year. This is seriously amazing stuff which I have been raving about since it sorted my feet out this winter. I have reviewed this in full here, but this is honestly the best foot cream I have ever tried, it seriously works miracles!

What are your favorite products to get you Summer ready?

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