Pregnant with Baby No. 2!

Although I don’t write many personal posts on this blog, I wanted to update you on an exciting part of my life as it will probably have some sort of impact on the posts I write and frequency I post. If you follow my Instagram this will be old news, but I am so excited to report that I am currently 15 weeks pregnant! We are due in December, the day after William’s (my son) 5th birthday so it is going to be a crazy time of year for us but we are so so happy to be having our second child. 

We also have found out the sex, as it can be determined through a blood test that I had at 10 weeks, so didn’t have to wait for my 20 week scan and I am so happy to say that we are having a GIRL!!! Tears of joy fell when we found out the news, we feel like the luckiest parents alive to have a son and now a daughter and even more so that she is healthy and developing well. 

The first trimester for me was up and down, I was lucky that I was never sick, but I had days of nausea where I just felt sick all day. I also had a few weeks of extreme exhaustion where I just had no enthusiasm for anything, you may have noticed less posts being published during April and May as I seriously didn’t even have the energy to sit and type. I just wanted to eat….everything…all day long!!!

I haven’t had many cravings, but I did just want to eat marmalade on toast for a week or so. I actually googled this craving and apparently Victoria Beckham had the same when she was pregnant with Harper, so maybe its a girl thing! I have been making sure I have some filling snack bars or nuts in my handbag at all time as it is good to be able to satisfy the hunger quickly without having to resort to sweet treats all the time (which I did for a bit, but I’m trying to be healthier now)!

So now I am in my second trimester, things are looking up, I have much more energy and don’t feel sick any longer. My bump has started to grow and my belly is starting to harden, I actually look pregnant now rather than just the overweight feeling I had in my first trimester. I was struggling to find some decent maternity clothes that didn’t make me look and feel frumpy, but managed to get some nice dresses and tops from Seraphine, which is actually a UK based company that also has stores here in New York, and the clothes are great quality and nearly everything I tried on looked and made me feel nice. I wanted to be able to keep some sense of style while I am pregnant and was just not feeling that with a lot of the clothes I previously tried on. 

There will probably not be too much difference on my blog, I think I may do the odd pregnancy update as I know people will be interested. I will of course be reviewing new beauty products that I try such as stretch mark oils and creams and any new skincare I try. My skin has been awful the last six weeks or so because of my hormones, but I am slowly seeing it getting clearer so I am sure I will update you on changes I have made to my skincare. Because of the hormonal acne, I haven’t been wanting to take any face shots, so have manly been swatching, so hopefully this will improve and I can mix it up again soon. Now I am feeling myself again, I will aim to post more frequently, but summer is coming up and I will have William home with me more so I will endeavor to post as often as I can, ideally I would like to write 3-4 posts a week!

I am so happy to finally be able to share my news, especially on Fathers Day as this little girl is going to be the luckiest girl alive having such an amazing dad!

Come and join me! 



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