The Ultimate Christmas Candle

The White Company Winter Candle

I love candles, and I really love Christmas candles, so get very excited at this time of year when there are so many gorgeous scents to choose from. The White Company Winter Candle has been on my radar for some time now and I recently discovered that they ship to the US (yay!), so just had to indulge.

The Winter scent is The White Company’s all time best selling candle, and I can see why, as this gorgeous combination of cinnamon, cloves and fresh oranges is just amazing, it is like Christmas in a jar and I am officially obsessed! All these ingredients are traditional scents at this time of year and make for a candle that is warming and comforting, perfect for cosy nights at home! It comes in an array of sizes, I just wish I bought a bigger one now!

Have you tried The White Company Winter candle? What is your ultimate Christmas candle?

Come and join me! 



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