Ono Lash False Eyelashes

Ono Lash False Eyelashes

If you are feeling the pinch after Christmas, but still want to get your glam on, then look no further! Ono Lash offer a variety of different style, cruelty free lashes starting at a very affordable $4.99 a pair! I was lucky enough to get sent a selection to try, so I can tell you about a few of their styles they have to offer.

I tried six pairs of lashes* and with the exception of two pairs, thought they looked amazing. I found them easy to apply and loved how they look on the eye. There were two pairs though that I could not get along with, so lets get the negatives out of the way and start with them.

Ono Lash False Eyelashes - 101 and 102

Lashes 101 and 102 were the two pairs that I did not like at all. 101 were extremely long and fluttery and were very ‘fake’ looking. 102 just looked very messy on the eye and didn’t do anything to enhance my eyes at all. I did not photograph these on as they just didn’t look very aesthetically pleasing unfortunately (please note though that this is personal preference!).

Ono Lash False Eyelashes - 103 and 203

Moving on, the four other sets of lashes that I tried, I loved, and even though some are more dramatic than others, and would be suited for different occasions they all looked great on the eyes and added something different.

Lashes 103 and 203 gave the necessary drama required of false lashes, whilst still managing to look fairly natural and not too intense. Probably my favorite lashes were style 103, these are short at the inner corner of the eye and gradually get longer and flare towards the outer corner. The 203 lashes give you that added length without being too voluminous so look quite natural on the eye.

Ono Lash False Eyelashes - 401 and 402

Lashes 401 and 402 are part of the ‘Lash Deluxe’ range, which are more voluminous, multi-dimensional lashes that really make a statement. They both have quite a thick band to them, which I actually found surprisingly easy to apply. The 401 lashes have a criss-cross effect which adds much volume giving a full-on glamorous look. The 402 lashes are again very voluminous but are more dense giving a very dramatic look. Both of these pairs would be great for a night out or party look!

Ono Lash False Eyelashes

As you can see (apart from the lashes I did not enjoy), the Ono Lash False Eyelashes look great on the eyes and are very affordable, especially if you wear lashes a lot. Visit their website to get yours and check out their whole selection.

Which are your favorites?

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